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My Interetsts

My main interests fall in the areas related to Digital Communications and Coding Theory.  More specifically, the topics that interest me a lot are digital communication theory, information theory, error correcting codes , signal processing , advanced digital receiver design, Synchronization theory (Tracking Loops), combinatorics, complexity theory etc. But above all these, I have a deep love for mathematics. For culture sake, I also maintain an interest in certain topics not directly related to my work (though the busy  life has made this a bit more difficult these days):  Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry are some examples;  Off late I have also (Re) developed an interest in Physics (especially GR &Cosmology). Recently(after listening to David Forney's talk on "Codes and systems on Graphs" at the IEEE Information theory workshop-2002) I am quite interetsted in Graph theory as well.  At profession I am a Communication systems and Signal Processing Engineer doing design and research on Receivers design, Channel Coding Issues, Channel Models, Equalizer etc. Apart from regular work I also spend a lot of time understanding the theoretical issues of Information transmission, Coding techniques (especially the capacity achieving codes), advanced signal processing algorithms etc.  The fact that I have not yet pursued for a PhD some time haunt me. If ever I get to go for a  PhD, then I would like to do  it in any of these fields. But I am still searching clarity on some ideas where I want to run after,  perhaps for the rest of my life!!

Some of the topics which are of interets to  me include,

Professional Work

Broadly speaking my professional work involves design of advanced modems and receiver algorithms.  I study various receiver techniques, analyze them and finally model and simulate the performance. I am  a member of a small world wide expert team of Digital Communication Solution group, specialized in receiver design. Our team (team size about 12) is mostly based at Synopsys GmbH, Herzogenrath, Aachen,  Germany, in the premises of Aachen technical University and in Bangalore, India.  Design projects mainly focusses on system specification and  implementation of the digital baseband section for wireless communication systems. Applications covered include Digital Video Broadcasting via Satellite, a proprietary satellite-based WAN, satellite-based mobile digital audio broadcasting (US), Spacecraft Transponder (for the European Space Agency, ESA), digital microwave (4-256 QAM), and cell phone standards like GSM/GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA(UMTS).  Roughly my activity at Synopsys stays (but not restricted to)  into the following topics.

I am also interested in teaching.  What more happiness you get, if you get some good listners to discuss oyur thoughts and opinions. I teach some course to the interested folks here on topics related to my technical interests. More details on this are available at the teachings page

Other Activities

When I am off mood to do anything serious, I indulge in some things in ligher vein. I and my wife do go for a walk in the evening hours through the residential areas in our neighbourhood.  Some other activities are listed here.

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