Ratna's Interests

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       "Life can be magnificent and overwhelming. That is it's whole tragedy.
                  Without beauty love or danger it would be almost easy to live"
                                                                                               -  Albert Camus
Academic Interests

My main interests fall in the areas related to digital communications and coding theory. More specifically, the topics that interest me a lot are digital communication theory, information theory, error correcting codes , signal processing , combinatorics, complexity theory etc. But above all these I have a deep love for mathematics. For culture sake, I also maintain an interest in certain topics not directly related to my work (though the busy  life has made this a bit more difficult these days): Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry are some examples;  Off late I have also (Re) developed an interest in Physics (especially GR &Cosmology). Very recently(after listening to David Forney's talk on "Codes and systems on Graphs" at the IEEE Information theory workshop) I am quite interetsted in Graph theory as well.

 Hobbies and General Interests

     General Relativity

     Integrable systems

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