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This list is nevr going to be complete and in no way this is full. I ended up having many many more good friends than the very few listed here.

     "...Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar.
          Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
          Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel;..."
                                 -Polonius' advice to Laertes, Hamlet.

         In the above snippet, Polonius gives some very sound advice indeed to Laertes ,
        as he departs for higher studies to France.

        My time at REC Calicut(Where I did my BTech,ECE) and Nehru Arts and Science
        College (10+2)are  very dear to me. I met some of the most  amazing people, made
        some of my closest friends and learnt some of life's most  important lessons. At Synopsys
        as well I found some good friends  .
        I do  not subscribe to the idea of a 'best friend'; rather I prefer to have a number of
        close friends, with whom I share my opinions, feelings and values. Some of them are
        very special to me  for them I have very high regards of closeness

        In no particular order, my friends include  Maya Pai,
                                                                                      Prasant James,
                                                                                      Venugopal Alatzeth,
                                                                                      Ramani Ramachandran,
                                                                                      Vivek Shenoy,
                                                                                      Sukesh Pai,
                                                                                      Santosh Balasubramanian,
                                                                                      Soni P M,
                                                                                      Nandakishore ,
                                                                                      Biju O M...
                                                                                      Louqman A P
                                                                                      Zarina Shenoy
                                                                                      Mahesh H
                                                                                      Sumesh John Philip
                                                                                      Praveen T S
                                                                                      Santhosh K
                                                                                      Riju John
                                                                                      Ajay K
                                                                                      Deepu Paul Varghese
                                                                                      Joseph jayesh
                                                                                      Prachi Jain
                                                                                      Babu T Subramanian
                                                                                      Satheesh Appukuttan
                                                                                      Mansoor Ali Khan
                                                                                      Venkata Raghavan P K
                                                                                      Srinivasa Raghavan
                                                                                      Anish Kanayi

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Last updated on 1st June 2001